Remote Serial Protocol -- reply to '?' when target running

taylor, david
Tue Aug 9 19:28:00 GMT 2016

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> The JTAG pod I'm using does not respond with "QNonStop+" in response
> to "qSupported".  Perhaps it should.

Our stub sets it and I also do 'set non-stop on' in my .gdbinit file.  The entry in
my .gdbinit might predate the stub returning it, I don't recall.

> The JTAG pod does respond to '?' with OK.  After a few other exchanges,
> gdb goes into a wait, waiting to receive something from the target.
> What do you do?  Send a stop reply packet when the target stops?

Our target typically has 80-110 threads when I connect.
We support asynchronous notifications as well.

When GDB connects to the target, a thread is created to service GDB.
If multiple GDB's connect, multiple threads get created -- each dedicated
to a specific GDB.

There's also a networking thread and a bunch of other threads.

Our target never stops.  Individual threads?  Yes.  The target as a whole?  No.

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