ARM BE8 support is broken

Yao Qi
Fri Nov 20 09:03:00 GMT 2015

toemoss garcia <> writes:


> There has been *some* support added for BE8 in GDB, but as far as
> I can tell, all the patches do is treat everything as BE and
> manually swap instructions to LE (see [2] for the patch
> submission). This only seems to effect doing a ``load`` or when
> reading a memory address as an instruction. There doesn't seem to
> be any actual support for correctly reading/writing memory based
> on the region of memory space. IOW, the only thing you can do
> reliably for BE8 is load a program to the core (this seems to
> always work correctly for BE8 images).

It is known that there are some bugs in GDB for ARM BE8.

> Is there anything in the works/any interest in getting this kind
> of support added?

Last year, Victor Kamensky from linaro posted some patches for ARM BE8,
and some patches were committed.  However, looks he stopped working on
this.  This is the only effort related to ARM BE8 which I am aware of.

> Does anybody have experience using BE8 with GDB? How did
> you "solve" this?

No, I don't have experience using BE8, all my arm boards are little
endian.  If you want to fix them, patches are welcome.  You can also
post your problems here, and people are happy to help you.

Yao (齐尧)

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