Bug in 7.7.1 or what? (About signals)

Juha Aaltonen turbopultti@gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 16:47:00 GMT 2015

I was wondering if there is a bug with gdb 7.7.1 when I got:

  [r $][T][3][1][#][b][8]Packet received: T31
  Program received signal SIG37, Real-time event 37.

I was expecting SIGUSR2.

And when I sent T10:

  [r $][T][1][0][#][b][5]Packet received: T10
  Can't send signals to this remote system.  SIGURG not sent.
  Sending packet: $c#63...[\x00][\x00][\x00][\x00][\x00][
  r +]Ack

I expected SIGBUS and stopping - not SIGURG and an automatic 'c'-command.

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