GDB on Mac OS

Joel Brobecker
Wed Aug 12 13:59:00 GMT 2015

> > The fact that it has build warnings is not too surprising. Outside
> > of GNU/Linux, I'm not sure it's building warning-free on any
> > other host. Building with --disable-werror is how we do it.
> Ok, but it would make sense for the default configure to select the
> correct compile options that the build will run to completion.  

This is really a separate discussion, but my take on it is that
the goal is to have warning-free builds on all platforms. Turning
this feature off for some targets would hide those warnings away,
and reduce our chances of anyone working on them. Building
a snapshot of the day is considered to be building GDB in developer
mode, so the warnings are fatal by default. If you were to build
from a release or from a release branch, on the other hand, the
configure settings have been changed to make the warnings non-fatal.

Note that having a warning-free build is not entirely within GDB's
control. For instance, you'll need a certain version of bison for
it to generate files that compile warning-free. I don't believe
it is worth spending time trying to come up with a list of tests
that will tell us whether warnings should be fatal or not.

> So is that the reason why so many tests fail?  I know of the
> codesigning requirement from actually using the debugger (or rather,
> answering the prompt for my password, which is the alternative).
> Where would I look for information on how to do this?  It would seem
> logical for “make check” either to do it, or to report that it needs
> to be done.

I'm not a specialist, but I don't think codesigning can happen
automagically. Codesigning requires for instance the name of
a certificate, which is yours to choose. Creating that certificate
involves the use of graphical tools. That's why we left the codesigning
to the user - especially since the binaries are transportable but
the codesigning needs to be redone on every machine to match the
certificates provided by each machine.


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