gdb with powerpc

Pedro Alves
Tue Aug 11 23:57:00 GMT 2015

On 08/11/2015 05:50 PM, Ran Shalit wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to ask if anyone tried remote debugging with
> gdb/gdbserver on powerpc.
> I've tried to cross-compile gdb for powerpc, but I get into troubles.
> I am using the following compiler:
> powerpc-buildroot-linux-gnu-gcc (Buildroot 2014.11) 4.8.3

> gcc -c -g -O2    -I. -I.././gdb -I.././gdb/config

Looks like you're using your host x86 gcc to build a ppc program.
That can't work.

> As an alternative, Is anyone familiar with binary package with
> gdb/gdbserver for powerpc used with x86 host ?

Please try following the instructions at:

Pedro Alves

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