m32c gdb link error on master

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Tue Aug 4 16:29:00 GMT 2015

Hi DJ,

On 03/08/15 23:28, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> The m32c fails to link gdb when the simulator is enabled. It
> fails with this error:
> remote-sim.o: In function `gdbsim_files_info':
> /home/joel/test-gcc/b-m32c-rtems4.11-bin/gdb/../../binutils-gdb/gdb/remote-sim.c:1163:
> undefined reference to `sim_info'

The patch below provides a stub function to fix this problem.  OK to apply ?


2015-08-04  Nick Clifton  <nickc@redhat.com>

	* gdb-if.c (sim_info): Stub function to allow GDB to be built
	with this simulator.

diff --git a/sim/m32c/gdb-if.c b/sim/m32c/gdb-if.c
index be00545..373b551 100644
--- a/sim/m32c/gdb-if.c
+++ b/sim/m32c/gdb-if.c
@@ -705,3 +705,10 @@ sim_complete_command (SIM_DESC sd, const char 
*text, const char *word)
    return NULL;
+sim_info (SIM_DESC sd, int verbose)
+  printf ("The m32c minisim doesn't collect any statistics.\n");

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