Housekeeping in our BZ

Sergio Durigan Junior
Fri Sep 12 23:32:00 GMT 2014


I took some time this Friday night to do some housekeeping in our BZ.  I
just searched for bugs in WAITING state, and went closing as many as I
could using the OBSOLETE flag.  Before, we had more than 180 bugs in
WAITING, but now we have "only" 59 of them.

I did not close many of them because either (a) the bug was new enough,
or (b) I would need to spend more time investigating it, and I was
really trying not to spend too much time.  For all the other bugs that
seemed "obvious candidates" to be closed, I did that.

If you look at
you will see that GDB is by far "champion" of our BZ, with 1530 bugs
OPEN as of this writing.  I bet many are obsolete, so I am working
towards reducing this number :-).

Anyway, this is just a heads-up.  Feel free to jump take a look at the
bugs I closed and reopen any if you think it shouldn't be closed.


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