question about ARM watchpoints

Joel Brobecker
Fri Sep 5 03:51:00 GMT 2014

> So sounds like this line should be skipped on ARMv7-M:
>   arm-tdep.c:  set_gdbarch_have_nonsteppable_watchpoint (gdbarch, 1);
> Could you try removing it?
> But then I wonder why we never heard of this before.  Are there
> ARMv7-M's that behave differently?  And what about ARMv6-M ?

That's what I wanted to try too, and will do soon. As to why we never
heard of this before - the only affirmative answer would be from someone
better able to undertand the docs than me.  But here's a wild guess: the
fact that GDB stopped one instruction too late is invisible to the user
99% of the time. What triggered me seeing it was a change in code
generation which caused the update to be at the penultimate instruction
of a function. I wouldn't have seen it if the update was anywhere before


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