ChangeLogs in commit messages

Sergio Durigan Junior
Thu Sep 4 14:23:00 GMT 2014

On Thursday, September 04 2014, Gary Benson wrote:

>> There is no such thing as a "push date".  What you see is the author
>> date and the committer date.  But both are set during the local
>> commit, and are unrelated to the point of time of pushing the
>> commits to the remote repository.
> Yeah, in git no file (object) is modified when you push or pull
> commits, they're just copied from one place to another.

Yeah, sorry for not being fluent in git's parlance.

> The committer date on the commit you mentioned is likely the time
> I updated the ChangeLog prior to pushing, so that date will be the
> "push date", but that's not guaranteed to be the case for all
> commits.

Right.  Anyway, I still consider it is valid to include this info
(author and date) in the commit message.


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