Synchronizing Binutils and GDB releases

Tristan Gingold
Mon Sep 1 12:57:00 GMT 2014

On 18 Aug 2014, at 17:31, Nicholas Clifton <> wrote:

> Hi Tristan, Hi Joel,
>  What do you think to the idea of synchronizing GDB and BINUTILS releases ?

I understand the packager point of view and I am not against that idea.

But, I think this can make sense only if both projects are merged, with only one release manager (team), with only one team of maintainers.  Otherwise I am afraid of misunderstanding and delays during release periods.

As a fact, very few peoples are active on both projects, so I am not sure if hackers want to unify both projects.

Maybe the binutils team can try to simply 'qualify' the gdb releases: testing the prerelease and fixing regression.  That would be lighter.


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