Core file support for ARM none (again)

Matthew Fortune
Mon Sep 1 12:53:00 GMT 2014

Fredrik Hederstierna <> writes:
> I just post these lines again, since its slightly frustrating to not get
> any response nor feedback at all.
> Is it just me thinking that having core file support also for non-Linux
> ARM EABI targets would be great?
> Any feedback is most welcome, good or bad!

While I don't have any particular need to work with bare metal ARM systems
the general concept seems relatively useful for RTOS or no-OS developers.

There is the question of how helpful this is in the general case as the
proposal requires custom client side support. I.e. A user would have to
deal with at least these three problems for the GDB support to be useful.

* The scenarios where the target has failed in some way but is still
  capable of executing code.
* Implementations of the target side stub in something like freertos or
  semi-hosting style code.
* Where to store the core file

Perhaps what I'm suggesting is that the idea may need an example target
side implementation in some free software to gain interest.

(I have no say in what is and is not suitable for GDB, these are just
some thoughts)


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