Core file support for ARM none (again)

Fredrik Hederstierna
Mon Sep 1 11:57:00 GMT 2014


Several times during the last years I've been trying to push to get some kind of core file support for GDB bare-metal targets.


Though I've hardly got any feedback at all.

I've even created an issue, and implemented a proposed solution with patch:

We use this today at our company to receive core files from customer sites in real production systems,
and it works very well. We gather alot of information from bugs and errors that we continuously can improve our product quality.

I just post these lines again, since its slightly frustrating to not get any response nor feedback at all.
Is it just me thinking that having core file support also for non-Linux ARM EABI targets would be great?
Any feedback is most welcome, good or bad!

Thanks & Best Regards
Fredrik Hederstierna

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