vdso handling

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Wed Mar 26 09:32:00 GMT 2014

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> >> If we can't trust the image to contain everything that the ELF header
> >> describes, would it be safer to generate fake sections based on the
> >> program header?  We already assume that the program header is
> >> contained in the image.
> >
> > Yes, you're correct that it is wrong to assume program headers are
> > loaded.  Even worse, the in-memory image doesn't even need to contain
> > the ELF file header.
> Yeah, and I was just assuming it didn't, hence my "just trust the
> headers" push before.
> I'm now thinking that we'll need pseudo-sections from program
> headers anyway, so I'd suggest going in that direction, leaving
> the add-symbol-file-from-memory command's intention generic,
> and leave revisiting how gdb retrieves the vdso itself off of
> memory for another day.

That would be something like the patch in one of the previous emails
in this thread: https://sourceware.org/ml/gdb/2014-03/msg00028.html,
wouldn't it?

Alan, would you be OK with this, as well?

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