GSoC 2014 proposal, make the gdb console interface to run on top of gdbmi

Yuxuan Shui
Thu Mar 13 17:31:00 GMT 2014


I'm here to propose a GSoC project. I haven't participated in GSoC
before, so I don't expect I could write a good proposal at the first
time. So I'm more than happy to receive any criticism and suggestions.

My proposal is to modify the gdb console interface so it can run on
top of gdbmi. I came across this idea on gdb's GSoC idea page[1]. It's
said that gdb currently has multiple means to talk with out side
world, which makes gdb's code complicated and error-prune.

The primary goal of my project is to make gdb's console interface run
on top of gdbmi, thus unify the code. This requires some missing
features to be add into gdbmi. And since accroding to the idea page,
the MI protocol has some flaws, I could also help improving it in the



Yuxuan Shui

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