gdb remote protocol breakpoints (Z0 command)

David Taylor
Mon Jun 23 13:29:00 GMT 2014

Frank Ch. Eigler <> wrote:

> David Taylor <> writes:
> > [...]
> >     . there is no bytecode operator for setting memory
> >     . there is no bytecode operator for setting registers
> > [...]
> Can you elaborate why you wish to modify state in breakpoint
> conditionals?

One of the options with Z0 breakpoints is 'persist' -- you can create a
breakpoint that sticks around when GDB disconnects.  I don't know why I
would want a persistent breakpint if it could neither alter state and
nor call functions.

Things that I envision using them for include

. quick and dirty patching before rebuilding

. collecting debugging information

If you can alter memory you can turn logging / event recording on and
off to just collect information in the areas of interest and generate
fewer messages / fewer records.

I think that pushing the 'conditional' part of the breakpoint to the
stub -- with existing limitations -- is very useful.  I think that
without extensions the 'persistence' and 'command list' parts aren't
very useful.

I'm curious, how do you envision using the 'persistence' and 'command
list' parts given the current limitations?

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