gdb single stepping takes ages

Tim Sander
Wed Jun 18 08:14:00 GMT 2014


> I am currently using openocd as a gdbserver backend for debugging  an
> embedded target with gdb 7.7. When i want to step over a single line with
> -exec-next:
> for(int a=0; a<1000000;a++){ };
> the time taken for the step is linear to the maximum count number and takes
> in my setup about 1 second for one increment of a. Setting a temp
> breakpoint in the next line and continuing works much faster.
> So is there a way improve the stepping speed in such situations?
> Best regards
> Tim

Just after sending the mail recognized that the thread: "Remote Debugging with 
NEXT Command" touches a similar (the same?) issue. A solution mentioned was 
range checking. But in the openocd case it seems already enabled:
show range-stepping
Debugger's willingness to use range stepping is on.

Best regards

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