qSymbol when using symbol-file

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Mon Jun 16 06:58:00 GMT 2014

Just a reminder for the email below. Have any of you had the time to look into it ?


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> Subject: qSymbol when using symbol-file
> Hi,
> In the gdb/gdbserver scenario, gdb is not sending qSymbol packet when
> using "symbol-file", without "file" or "exec-file".
> The steps are:
>   start gdb (with no arguments)
>   (gdb) symbol-file <file>
>   (gdb) target remote <ip>:<port>
>   ->  qSymbol packet is not sent.
> If the "file" command  is used instead of "symbol-file", the qSymbol
> packet is sent to gdbserver.
> The question makes more sense in the following context: Using Eclipse and
> DSF -GDB Hardware Debugging . Here, Eclipse is not using "file", but only
> "symbol-file" ( as explained why here: [1] ).  This  makes qSymbol
> notification not working.
> My questions/comments:
> - In the above scenario, does make sense to enable qSymbol notification
> even when the exec-file is not specified? Here is not required to specify
> the  exec file. Or even in the gdb/gdbserver scenario where the
> application/executable is started by gdbserver on target.
> - For the particular case when some symbol files are added after "target
> remote", gdb is sending qSymbol, even without having the exec file
> specified.  The above proposal would be in sync with this.
> - What would be your other thoughts to fix the qSymbol for the gdb +
> Eclipse with DSF GDB Hardware Debugging scenario ?
> Regards,
> Catalin
> [1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=310304

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