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Sergio Durigan Junior
Mon Jun 9 23:26:00 GMT 2014

Hi Ananda,

On Monday, June 09 2014, Ananda Vardhana wrote:

> Could some kind folk clear up some of my doubts:
> 1.      "Resume the inferior, specifying different actions for each thread" --> what does this first sentence mean? What does word inferior mean in this context?

Inferior is the GDB parlance for the program being debugged.

> 2.      "Specifying multiple default actions is an error" -->   Please give me couple of examples.

I have answered this one in private.

> 3.      "specifying no actions is also an error". An example for this too please.


> 4.      Lastly please tell me what all commands I have specified here is wrong
> a.      vCont;c:ab;c:cd --> ab, cd are thread id's
> b.      vCont;c:12;s:23;t:45
> c.      vCont;c:3;s:3 --> This is wrong for sure
> d.      vCont;c-1 --> Putting anything after this wrong as we have continue on all processors

On (d) you're missing a colon between "c" and "-1" (I think I already
answered this one before, too).

> 'C sig'
>       Continue with signal sig. The signal sig should be two hex digits.
> 5.      What is the meaning of a signal in this context?

Means a POSIX signal, like SIGINT.

> 6.      Why is the name 'sig' not appearing in the usage shown above. Or why is it they talk only about thread-id only?

Because the usage lists "action", whose definition gets expanded below.

> 8.      I hope the C sig & S sig are still a supported

I'm not sure I understand this last question.

> If there is a web site where these kind of questions have been answered please point me to it.

[I am not answering all questions from this message.]

The GDB documentation should answer your questions; if it does not, then
you can submit a patch improving it (please, do so!).  Also, an obvious
good source of documentation is the source code itself.  I answered some
of those questions in private (in reply to your message), and pointed
you to some functions that you might be interested in reading.


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