MAC application debug

Jeremy Greene jeremy@ZeeVee.Com
Fri Jun 6 12:10:00 GMT 2014


This seems like a really basic question, but I have even posted on  a
wxWidgets forum with no successŠ

How do you fully start a MAC app in gdb?! That is, what is equivalent to
the ³open² command?

While I can do this with a simple exe by going into, this does not work with some (cocoa-based)
applications. Specifically, I have been using the cross-platform GUI
toolkit, wxWidgets. Up to now, I¹ve been debugging with emacs/gdb on
windows. But would like to switch to using a MAC (painfully, I¹ve been
using a Win7 VM on a MAC, running minGW!!!).

And I would like to stay in the gdb-in-emacs mode (which does work ok with
win7/minGW). Although I¹m now wondering if the only way is to use gdb
inside Xcode (which I know nothing about).

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!!


P.s. The test case is one of the wxWidget sample apps, calendar. If I
³open² the app dir, it runs fine. But even from the command line if you do
Š/, it will run, but just sit there ‹
no windows or anything. I¹m sure it has to do with ³window resource²
definitionsŠ but no thread to pull on.

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