[GDB Wiki] Add editor privilege control

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Fri Feb 14 07:26:00 GMT 2014

> Why does it make sense to have a wiki that doesn't behave like a wiki,
> i.e. is not a community-provided content?  IOW, how is what you
> propose different from having this stuff on the GDB project web pages,
> which are editable by only a few select people?

It would be editable by anybody, they would just have to show
that they are a real person without spamming intentions. The way
it would work is that anyone already in the edit group can add
anyone else by just editing a wiki page and adding the new user's
ID to the list, thereby vouching for them. It's still community-fed,
but just a little more controlled to make sure that only genuine
modifications are made.

As an example: I needed to make a change in the GCC wiki,
found that I cannot edit. Saw that there was a note about that
pointing me to the EditorGroup page. It told me that anyone
on that list can add someone else. So I contacted a couple of
people on the list I knew and they added me pronto.

If you haven't done so, I invite you to check out GCC's EditorGroup


It really shows how simple it is to maintain that list and add
new people. The list currently has 52 people, and no question
was ever asked when I got added.

I would also welcome anyone to participate in the maintenance
of the GDB web pages as well. I even recently wrote a small
wiki page explaining how to make updates to it.


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