'Cannot find bounds of current function' when stepping with GDB 7.6 under OS X 10.6 / LLVM GCC 4.2

eranon eric.anon@laposte.net
Fri Feb 7 20:00:00 GMT 2014

No luck ! I've tried, rebuilding both the DEBUG build of my project and the
underlying static wxWidgets DEBUG build too, adding "-Wl,-no_compact_unwind"
(without quotes) in the IDE's linker options for my project and in the
LDFLAGS for wxWidgets (building it from command line)... And same result :(

Here is a typical gdb session showing the concerned behavior :

Breakpoint 1, MyApp::OnInit (this=0x8010a00) at MyApp.cpp:162
162	    wxApp::SetAppName("MyApp");
(gdb) n
0x00ab2a34 in ?? ()
(gdb) n
Cannot find bounds of current function

So, did I missed a point ? What can I do other ?
And for the other way, using full FSF GCC/GDB, not tried yet. But I'll do

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