Patchwork patch tracking system

Tom Tromey
Tue Apr 29 17:25:00 GMT 2014

Joel> There is a tool that we use internally at AdaCore which I was starting
Joel> to think of proposing for GDB, called geritt. From what I have been
Joel> able to see from patchwork's webpage, geritt seems like a much more
Joel> advanced system compared to patchwork. But the tradeoff is that using
Joel> geritt requires a bit more work as well, and that part or all of
Joel> the review process would happen on geritt, rather than the mailing-list.
Joel> It's not very intuitive at first, but it is very easy and lightweight.

I was keen on gerrit until I read this:

Maybe phabricator is better for our needs?

I've been trying the patchworks install as well.  I don't find it all
that useful myself, but maybe it would be better if more people were
using it.


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