[GDB Wiki] Add editor privilege control

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Wed Apr 9 12:53:00 GMT 2014

> > With the present scheme, effective spam fighting requires ongoing
> > manual operations by you / tromey / whoever.  
> > 
> > Plus, the present scheme enables any spammer to create a moinmoin
> > userid, create a junk page, then leave.  The problem is that every
> > such junk user bogs the wiki software down more and more: there are
> > some 4000 now, with 10+/day new ones coming.  (Over at gcc/glibc,
> > before a cleanup, we had almost a hundred thousand (!), which was
> > enough to cause cgi/http timeouts to valid users.)  Cleaning *those*
> > up is difficult without a whitelist such as the EditorGroup.
> That's really useful feedback, thank you!
> I also find it compelling that we have had a number of reverts done
> the last few weeks, which is not huge, but larger than the twice-per-
> quarter average we were counting on.

Stan - we keep getting hit by spam on the wiki, and I really don't
see a reason not to protect ourselves against it. Do you agree?

Frank - Do you know what would need to be done at the technical
level to protect ourselves? I would think we first create a EditorGroup
page in the wiki, then add the corresponding group and its privileges
in the wiki's configuration, right? Or can everything be done directly
from the wiki? Anything else we should be doing?


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