Vendor branches on's binutils-gdb repo

Joel Brobecker
Mon Apr 7 14:47:00 GMT 2014

> But it's not necessarily easy for the vendor to _host_ that other 
> repository.  And IMHO, the current 288 MB for binutils-gdb git objects 
> aren't enough to discourage vendor branches (and if you're worried about 
> the download size it's equally easy to simply not pull those branches).

I don't think it's "equally easy" to not pull those branches.
If it is, I'd like to have the recipe for "pull all branches except
some", and I will put it on the GDB wiki. On the other hand, there
are many free services on the web to host git repositories. Lastly,
I find that we have way too many branches in our repository at
the moment, drowning the ones that really matter to most (the release
branches, basically). But then again, I also understand that it makes
it easier for people to find that code if they go looking for it.
Hence the not-so-strong objection, although, this issue can be very
easily addressed by documenting those branches on the GDB website or
wiki. It should be anyway, so that people have an idea of what the
branch is about. I think that's what people did with the Archer project.


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