Patchwork patch tracking system

Gary Benson
Wed Apr 2 10:08:00 GMT 2014

Hi all,

Patchwork is a patch tracking system designed to help manage
contributions to open-source projects.  The glibc maintainers have
been experimenting to see if it can meet their needs, and they've very
kindly added GDB to their test instance to allow us to trial it too.

The way it works is that patches sent to gdb-patches are caught by
Patchwork and appear on a web page, currently  Replies to patch emails are also
caught, and are appended to the patch pages.

The prototype workflow the glibc maintainers are using is  If you'd
like to have a go with the trial instance please register an account
on and then get hold of me by email or
on IRC (I'm gbenson on Freenode) and I'll add you to the maintainers
list.  You won't be able to update anything without this.

Patchwork has been subscribed to gdb-patches for a couple of weeks
now, but I haven't updated any patches' statuses so there will be some
stale ones in there.  Please feel free to update patches as you see
fit, this is a trial instance so don't worry about breaking things!

As well as the web interface there is a command line client.
You can download the client script and a sample ~/.pwclientrc
from here:

The ~/.pwclientrc file just needs your password adding, then you
can do things like:

 pwclient list -s new

to see a list of all patches with the state "new".

Let me know what you think!



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