GDB with python support: which version of Python?

Pedro Alves
Fri May 31 10:18:00 GMT 2013

On 05/31/2013 07:00 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
>>> Forcing static libraries might work on GNU/Linux systems, but
>>> we've found it to be unworkable in general.
>> Interesting; what kinds of problems did you have?
> Actually, I take back what I said, I was completely confused.
> Sorry! We are indeed using static libraries as far as I can
> tell. The relocation is still necessary, because Python needs
> to be able to find its runtime.
> I had this idea at some point of having GDB dlopen libpython,
> which case it'd be possible to ship shared Python libraries
> without having to worry about LD_LIBRARY_PATH. But our experience
> with VxWorks (WTX) libraries, where we do this, and the fact
> that we have been able to use static libraries, led me to put
> this idea on the side for now.
>>> Here is what we do at AdaCore: we build and install GDB inside
>>> GDB's prefix,
>> I assume you mean build and install _Python_ inside GDB's prefix?
> Yes. I clearly needed more coffee this morning before answering :-/.

IMO, it'd be super nice if we had a page in the wiki describing
this use case, and the mechanism people use to solve it.
Seems like everyone who builds relocatable gdbs meant to be
installed in a multitude of systems (as opposed to a system/distro
gdb), ends up needing to know this.

Pedro Alves

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