GDB with python support: which version of Python?

Joel Brobecker
Fri May 31 06:00:00 GMT 2013

> > Forcing static libraries might work on GNU/Linux systems, but
> > we've found it to be unworkable in general.
> Interesting; what kinds of problems did you have?

Actually, I take back what I said, I was completely confused.
Sorry! We are indeed using static libraries as far as I can
tell. The relocation is still necessary, because Python needs
to be able to find its runtime.

I had this idea at some point of having GDB dlopen libpython,
which case it'd be possible to ship shared Python libraries
without having to worry about LD_LIBRARY_PATH. But our experience
with VxWorks (WTX) libraries, where we do this, and the fact
that we have been able to use static libraries, led me to put
this idea on the side for now.

> > Here is what we do at AdaCore: we build and install GDB inside
> > GDB's prefix,
> I assume you mean build and install _Python_ inside GDB's prefix?

Yes. I clearly needed more coffee this morning before answering :-/.


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