GDB with python support: which version of Python?

Joel Brobecker
Fri May 31 04:40:00 GMT 2013

> I'm trying to build a portable version of GDB, with Python support, that
> I can use on many different (GNU/Linux) systems.  It's frustrating
> because Python versions are all over the place: every distro you use, it
> seems like, has a different not-completely-compatible version.

Forcing static libraries might work on GNU/Linux systems, but
we've found it to be unworkable in general.

Here is what we do at AdaCore: we build and install GDB inside
GDB's prefix, and use that to configure GDB. You can then ship
the entire GDB install, including Python. As long as the Python
path is inside the GDB prefix, GDB should be locating the Python
install fine (unless the user has the PYTHONHOME environment
variable set, in which case I believe it overrides GDB's default


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