GDB with python support: which version of Python?

Paul Smith
Thu May 30 22:04:00 GMT 2013

Hi all;

I'm trying to build a portable version of GDB, with Python support, that
I can use on many different (GNU/Linux) systems.  It's frustrating
because Python versions are all over the place: every distro you use, it
seems like, has a different not-completely-compatible version.

Plus, I can't find any straightforward way to build GDB with Python
linked statically to avoid local .so version problems.  Seems GDB
configure doesn't really support this.  I'm thinking of pulling a Python
install without any .so to force static linking.  Have others tried

I see from the README that the "oldest version of Python supported by
GDB is 2.4".  Is there a _recommended_ version of Python?  2.7?  3.x?
Something else?


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