add-inferior / clone-inferior

Tom Tromey
Wed May 22 18:50:00 GMT 2013

Tom> One that comes to mind is what target is associated with an inferior
Tom> created with add-inferior?  How could you change this inferior's target
Tom> to connect it to some existing target?

David> Perhaps I misunderstand the question.  Initially, there is just a dummy
David> target.

David> Do a command like 'file' and you have an exec target.

David> Do a command like 'run' or 'attach' or 'target remote' or 'target
David> extended-remote' and your process stratum target is pushed on top of the
David> old file stratum target.

David> Do a command like 'kill' or 'detach' and your process stratum target is
David> popped and you are back at the exec stratum target -- the exec file --
David> at the top of your target stack.

I was thinking of a scenario like: I have an existing connection to an
extended-remote target, then I want to add an inferior and then run it
on that target.

I guess something like this would work if "target extended-remote"
always did connection sharing:

    add-inferior -exec whatever
    target extended-remote server:port

The issue I have is differentiating this from the scenario of: add
inferior, connect for the first time, then try to run.  Won't this do
something different if the remote is already running?

I feel like I'm confused somehow.

David> . you want to know the full set of inferiors and their targets.

David> Seems somewhat esoteric.  Perhaps a maint command would be appropriate?

I suppose we could just print it in "info inferiors".


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