add-inferior / clone-inferior

Tom Tromey
Wed May 22 14:47:00 GMT 2013

Tom> The whole target stack needs to be switched out depending on which
Tom> target is "active".  I guess one idea would be to make it depend on the
Tom> current inferior.  But then I would worry whether the correct inferior
Tom> is always selected when gdb is doing various operations.

Thinking about it some more, it may be simpler to associate the target
stack with a program space, not an inferior.  This will have the same
effect, but I think gdb is generally more careful about selecting a
program space before doing an operation.  E.g., linespec already does
this properly, breakpoints already do this properly, etc.

Tom> I wonder if there are other UI issues to consider.

One that comes to mind is what target is associated with an inferior
created with add-inferior?  How could you change this inferior's target
to connect it to some existing target?

Also, some way to see the active targets would be needed.  "info target"
already seems to be taken.


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