About adding new script language

Nala Ginrut mulei@gnu.org
Wed May 1 03:49:00 GMT 2013

hi Doug! Thanks for reply!

On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 17:51 -0700, Doug Evans wrote:
> There aren't any interfaces, they need to be added.
> One of the hardest parts of adding Guile support to GDB (as an
> extension language)
> will be providing reasonable interfaces.

Could you give me some hints where is the preferable place to cut in?
Here're my questions:
1. Find a way to get the input string and pass it to guile for eval when
'Guile mode' enabled. I know python module has some functions to handle
this, but I don't know how the things from GDB passed in. Maybe some
hooks in GDB REPL?

2. When in 'Guile mode', there should be a way to get the context info
of gdb. I know python could do it with gdb module, like 'gdb.a' to get
the variable named 'a'. My question is how to interact with GDB context?
Any docs for that?

3. According to our previous discussion, there's no need to write a
general interfaces for extension language (maybe not?). So I think the
easier way is to find out what's in GDB is most useful thing, and write
the wrapper for Guile. Any suggestion? 

4. If we do need to add the clean interfaces, what part of code should I
take a look?


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