Does gdb support an alternative ELF binary interpreter?

Agovic, Sanimir
Mon Aug 26 11:13:00 GMT 2013

Hello Yuri,

your runtime linker needs either to implement the rendezvous structure and follow the 
protocol defined in /usr/include/link.h or you need to implement gdb`s target_so_ops
interface to teach the debugger how to retrieve the list of shared objects.

Not sure if the information above helps you.


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> Subject: Does gdb support an alternative ELF binary interpreter?
> I am loading ELF binaries having debug information using an alternative
> loader/interpreter. gdb doesn't get debug info from them because no
> event of type bp_shlib_event is generated for them.
> Looking through the code I see that system binary interpreters usually
> have debugger support. There is, for ex, symbol _dl_debug_addr in
> interpreter, which contains the value of r_brk, using which gdb can
> generate bp_shlib_event. But _dl_debug_addr is looked up in the (single)
> base executable. So there is no obvious way to have multiple entries
> like this.
> Does gdb support an alternative interpreter? For example, there could be
> an option "bin-interps", and then gdb could set shlib_event_breakpoint
> there as well.
> Or maybe such situation is supported in some way?
> Yuri
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