Does gdb support an alternative ELF binary interpreter?

Sun Aug 18 00:41:00 GMT 2013

I am loading ELF binaries having debug information using an alternative 
loader/interpreter. gdb doesn't get debug info from them because no 
event of type bp_shlib_event is generated for them.
Looking through the code I see that system binary interpreters usually 
have debugger support. There is, for ex, symbol _dl_debug_addr in 
interpreter, which contains the value of r_brk, using which gdb can 
generate bp_shlib_event. But _dl_debug_addr is looked up in the (single) 
base executable. So there is no obvious way to have multiple entries 
like this.

Does gdb support an alternative interpreter? For example, there could be 
an option "bin-interps", and then gdb could set shlib_event_breakpoint 
there as well.
Or maybe such situation is supported in some way?


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