user friendly symbol name

Jan Kratochvil
Fri Aug 9 18:56:00 GMT 2013

On Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:58:32 +0200, Shang Yu wrote:
> Thanks for reply . But how can I demangle the symbol name massively in
> the output of disas command ? Many thanks !

They are demangled:

(gdb) disas 'std::istream::get()'
   0x0000003a4b07f252 <+34>:	cmpb   $0x0,0xf(%rsp)
   0x0000003a4b07f257 <+39>:	je     0x3a4b07f290 <std::istream::get()+96>

In some cases they are not:
   0x0000003a4b07f24d <+29>:	callq  0x3a4b05b3e0 <_ZNSi6sentryC1ERSib@plt>

but that is a bug in the GDB demangling logic (aware of it...).
Shell 'objdump -dC' will demangled it right:
  3a4b07f24d:   e8 8e c1 fd ff          callq  3a4b05b3e0 <std::istream::sentry::sentry(std::istream&, bool)@plt>


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