A new strategy for internals documentation

Eli Zaretskii eliz@gnu.org
Fri Aug 9 09:35:00 GMT 2013

> Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2013 16:02:58 -0700
> From: Stan Shebs <stanshebs@earthlink.net>
> CC: Doug Evans <dje@google.com>, gdb@sourceware.org
> I'm not sure what we're arguing at this point

I'm done arguing.  I regret I responded to your original message,
because all that did is cause me aggravation and open old wounds.
(Yes, it hurts to try to contribute to a community only to see the
attempts rejected time and again.)

> so let me see if I can summarize your views on specific actions:

Let me do it for you:

 . delete gdbint.texinfo (and the Makefile rules to go with it)

 . don't ever bother me again with any documentation of the GDB
   internals, because, following the 1st step above, I will resign
   from my responsibilities regarding (mis)documentation of the

 . you want to have a wiki or Doxygen comments or whatever, you don't
   need my approval anymore, see above; I was never asked to review
   code comments until now anyway

One last bit is that changing the format of a GNU manual might need to
be communicated to the FSF, I think.  Or maybe a majority vote by the
SC will be enough, I don't know (and don't care).


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