New list command oddity

Pierre Muller
Thu Aug 8 09:44:00 GMT 2013

 I have no idea how old this problem is but
I am unable to list init.c source:

(gdb) li init.c:1
file: "../../puresrc/bfd/init.c", line number: 1
file: "init.c", line number: 1

I am able to list the bfd version using
(gdb) li ../../puresrc/bfd/init.c:1

But I have no idea how to list the gdb build directory source...

Did I miss something, is there a simple intuitive way to
force selection of the file without path?

Pierre Muller
GDB pascal language maintainer

gdb-7.6 shows the same problem,
gdb-7.2 doesn't have the problem...
but it seems that it is because the bfd init.c source (which already exists
in 7.2)
does not appear in the list of sources...

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