Thread exit messages on MS-Windows

Eli Zaretskii
Fri Apr 26 09:47:00 GMT 2013

This is from the node "Threads" of the manual:

  `set print thread-events'
  `set print thread-events on'
  `set print thread-events off'
       The `set print thread-events' command allows you to enable or
       disable printing of messages when GDB notices that new threads have
       started or that threads have exited.  By default, these messages
       will be printed if detection of these events is supported by the
       target.  Note that these messages cannot be disabled on all

However, debugging MinGW programs on MS-Windows, I see only messages
about new threads, like this:

  [New Thread 6184.0x1bbc]
  [New Thread 6184.0x13c8]
  [New Thread 6184.0x1a3c]

I never see any messages about threads that exited, although examining
the details of the program being debugged, I clearly see that most of
them did.

Does that mean that GDB doesn't support thread exit messages on
Windows?  What feature(s) are missing for this support to be

I can get thread exit messages from windows-nat.c such as

  [Deleting Thread 8112.0x1494]
  [Deleting Thread 8112.0x11d0]

if I "set verbose on", but that mode causes GDB to become much more
talkative than I'd like.

In thread.c, I see that add_thread_with_info will announce new threads
if print_thread_events is non-zero, but I see no similar announcement
in delete_thread or its subroutines.  Is this supposed to be handled
by target-specific back ends?  I see something like that in, e.g.,
linux-nat.c and in inf-ttrace.c, but I'm unsure whether that is a
conclusive evidence.

If indeed thread deletion should be announced by the target, why this
asymmetry with thread creation?

TIA for any help or info.

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