Problem calling functions within gdb (version 7.5)

Tom Tromey
Thu Apr 25 13:25:00 GMT 2013

>>>>> "Saurabh" == Saurabh T <> writes:

Saurabh> 1. call fn(3, x)
Saurabh> gdb says: Cannot resolve function fn to any overloaded instance
Saurabh> This used to work with gdb 7.2. The function signature completely
Saurabh> matches the arguments so I dont know what it's complaining about.

Please file a bug report.

Saurabh> 2. print k
Saurabh> Let's say this prints 0x7ffb24
Saurabh> call fn2(0x7ffb24)
Saurabh> gdb again says: Cannot resolve function fn2 to any overloaded instance
Saurabh> This also used to work with gdb 7.2. Here I can understand if
Saurabh> promoting ints to arbitrary pointers is no longer supported.

I was under the impression that we allowed this again, but it fails for
me too.  Please file another bug for this one.

Saurabh> Any thoughts as to whether these are bugs, or how I can get the
Saurabh> behaviour I want at least wrt case 1?

Not offhand.


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