GDB unable to trace xchat on linux

Sergio Durigan Junior
Tue Apr 16 22:08:00 GMT 2013

On Tuesday, April 16 2013, wrote:

> To reproduce:
> $ gdb /path/to/xchat
> (gdb) r
> xchat starts but hangs at "Looking up <insert server used here>".

What do you mean by "hangs"?  Is it unresponsible?  Can you still issue
commands on it?  Is it just waiting for the server to respond?

> xchat's faq ( suggests GDB has trouble debugging 
> when a server hostname is used. As they suggest, I ran a local ircd and 
> used The problem remains.

The page doesn't suggest that.  It only suggests that you use the
server's IP address directly.  Anyway, have you tried that?  You could
try freenode's IP address ( and see if it works.


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