Completion on static functions

Eli Zaretskii
Fri Apr 12 09:29:00 GMT 2013

> Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 10:20:50 +0200
> From: Markus Teich <>
> Try compiling with -O0 to see if these functions indeed get inlined.

No need to recompile:

  (gdb) info address print_header_stamp
  Symbol "print_header_stamp" is a function at address 0x401cec.
  (gdb) info address main
  Symbol "main" is a function at address 0x427b10.


  (gdb) info address generate_full_header
  No symbol "generate_full_header" in current context.

And if I disassemble the code, I don't see any call instructions for
that function (nor even its caller, configure_shar, and its caller's
caller, initialize).

So I think it's quite clear that this function is inlined, as are many
others in that program.

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