GSoC 2013 project idea: Improve the GDB Port for GNU Hurd

Thomas Schwinge
Sun Apr 7 20:50:00 GMT 2013


Assuming that the GNU project will again be accepted as a mentoring
organization for the Google Summer of Code 2013, I have just posted a new
project idea: »Improve the GDB Port for GNU Hurd«,

| [[/GDB]] is available and working on GNU Hurd.  However, there are some bugs
| and there is missing functionality compared to a port targeting the Linux
| kernel ([[tag/Open_Issue_GDB]], [diff of
| testresults](
| For example, there is no port of [[open_issues/gdb/gdbserver]] available yet.
| Identifying (together with the mentors), and then addressing one or a few of
| these items is the goal of this project.
| Required knowledge: Have an understanding about how GDB works generally, how it
| interacts with an operating system.  Some GNU Mach and Hurd knowledge will have
| to be acquired while working on the project.
| Possible mentors: [[Thomas Schwinge (tschwinge)|tschwinge]].
| Exercise: Begin writing a document to describe how the GNU Hurd port of GDB
| works internally, how it interacts with the Hurd system, and compare it to a
| port targeting the Linux kernel.  Fix one of the Open Issues or testsuite
| failures.

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