about GDB/MI output syntax

Remi Liu remiliuzhibin@gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 06:21:00 GMT 2012

Hi, GDB developpers:

I'm not sure whether it is too presumptuous to ask the question directly
to you. But I am really confused about the MI output syntax.

I've taken over a front-end of GDB. I should make it to support new
version GDB, GDB 7. And the version of GDB I use is 7.4, unknown release.

In the GDB document, section 27.2.2, the output definition is

output ==>
    ( out-of-band-record )* [ result-record ] "(gdb)" nl

But after I sent a MI command like


The output I got is



~隆卤[New Thread 9728.0x23a8]\n隆卤




The first 3 lines are out-of-band-record s, the 4th line is
result-record, what is the 5th line?

That make me puzzled. I'm not sure, I misunderstanded the document, or
the document should be updated?

Thank you for your time!

Looking forward to your response!

A developper of front-end of GDB

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