[x86-64 psABI] RFC: Extend x86-64 psABI to support x32

H. Peter Anvin hpa@zytor.com
Tue Jun 26 19:53:00 GMT 2012

On 06/26/2012 12:47 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
>> May I ask why the decision was made to use ILP32 instead of L64P32?   The
>> latter would seem to avoid lots of porting problems in particular.  And if
>> porting difficulties are the major complained about x32, is it really too
>> late to switch?  Thanks - mdb
> x32 is designed to replace ia32 where long is 32-bit, not x86-64.

It's worth noting that there are *no* Linux platforms that are not ILP32
or LP64, so adding a third memory model is likely to cause even more


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