Gdb online docs error?

Joel Brobecker
Thu Jun 7 21:54:00 GMT 2012

> I'm not sure it is related but the references to named anchors do not
> work for a long time (may be never?).  For example if you click on the
> "set substitute-path" link near the top of the page
> the page
> should be scrolled to the corresponding definition but it doesn't.

It looks like a bug in the HTML generation program (makeinfo). I took
a quick look, and it could be something to do with a confusion in
the handling of keys that have spaces in them.  But the problem is
that the generated HTML is not straightforward, and I'm not a big
specialist either. I had already installed the latest version,
so the only upgrade possible would to be use a snapshot, which
I am not keen on doing.


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