help with pretty printing

Joachim Protze
Thu Jun 7 07:42:00 GMT 2012

On 01.06.2012 11:07, somersetgraham wrote:
> def build_dictionary ():
>     pretty_printers_dict[re.compile ('^QFile$')] = lambda
> val:QFilePrinter(val)
>     pretty_printers_dict[re.compile ('^QFile *$')] = lambda
> val:QFilePrinter(val)
you may try something like the following to match both cases:

pretty_printers_dict[re.compile('^QFile ( \*)?$')] = lambda

The asterisk is a special character in regular expressions and has to be escaped to match an asterisk. Your regexp matches QFile with any count of spaces as postfix.

- Joachim

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