Hotspot JVM GDBJIT plugin

Tom Tromey
Wed Jun 6 18:05:00 GMT 2012

>>>>> "Kaushik" == Kaushik Srenevasan <> writes:

Kaushik> I've been working on a Hotspot JVM JIT plugin for GDB and noticed that
Kaushik> there was some interest about this earlier [1]. I currently have mixed
Kaushik> mode stack traces working [2] and plan to at least add file and
Kaushik> line number support in the future.

Kaushik> I'm writing to see if there is any interest in pulling the
Kaushik> changes [3] I've had to make to GDB, to get this to work. I also
Kaushik> intend to ping the OpenJDK folks to try to get the GDBJIT hooks into
Kaushik> the official distribution.

BTW, let me also recommend trying to push it into IcedTea:

I think it would be simpler to get it there, and would give it some
exposure while upstream is looking at it.  My impression, anyway, is
that OpenJDK is pretty slow to accept things...


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