Pythons scripting API question

Joachim Protze
Wed Jun 6 15:46:00 GMT 2012

On 30.05.2012 23:23, Keith Seitz wrote:
> Frames contain blocks, blocks contain variables. Blocks in python can
> be iterated, so:
> $ ./gdb -nx -q gdb -ex "break main" -ex "run"
> (gdb) python import gdb
> (gdb) python for n in gdb.selected_frame().block(): print n,
> argc argv args
> (gdb) python print n.type
> struct captured_main_args
> (gdb) python print
> args
> (gdb) python print n.is_argument
> False
> (gdb) python print n.value(gdb.selected_frame())
> {argc = 0, argv = 0x488f80 <_start>, use_windows = -8032,
> interpreter_p = 0x0}
Thank you for this example!
I never figured out this feature of Blocks :(

> See the relevant sections in the Gdb Users Manual (,
I totally miss the hint that Blocks drop Value objects on iteration in
the documentation.
How to access the "hierarchically organized" sub-blocks? Or did I
missunderstand the concept of Blocks?

    int i;
        int a;
        int i;

I would expect a Block for the main function with two children Blocks -
but how to get these children?

- Joachim

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