KGTP (Linux Kernel debugger and tracer) 20120605 release(user task memory access and user task stack dump available now)

Hui Zhu
Tue Jun 5 09:14:00 GMT 2012

KGTP is a realtime and lightweight Linux debugger and tracer.
To use it, you don't need patch or rebuild the Linux kernel. Just
build KGTP module and insmod it is OK.

It makes Linux Kernel supply a GDB remote debug interface. Then GDB in
current machine or remote machine can debug and trace Linux through
GDB tracepoint and some other functions without stopping the Linux
And even if the board doesn't have GDB on it and doesn't have
interface for remote debug. It can debug the Linux Kernel using
offline debug (See
KGTP supports X86-32, X86-64, MIPS and ARM.
KGTP is tested on Linux kernel 2.6.18 to upstream.
And it can work with Android (See

Please go to or (Chinese) to get more info
about howto use KGTP.

Now, KGTP 20120605 release.
You can get the package for it from
svn co

The main change of this release is:
Add new function "Read memory of user space program directly".
And use this function will not interrupt this task.
Please goto
to get more info about it.

Add new function "collect stack (for backtrace) of user space program
in tracepoint".
With this function, you can get the stack dump of an user task from
user space to Kernel space.
Please goto
to get more info about it.

Please goto get more info
about this release.

According to the comments of Christoph, Geoff and Andi.  I make lite
patch for review.  Please goto to
see it.


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