GDB and gdbserver for CR16 target

Kaushik Phatak
Mon Jan 30 04:33:00 GMT 2012

>> PTRACE_CONT is killing the debugee with SIGKILL,
That looks like a false alarm. The kernel sources had a bug where a 'break;' was 
missing after the 'PCONT' switch case causing the code to fall into the next case
which was 'KILL'.

Another point which is slightly baffling is the implementation of breakpoint in
the gdbserver. The server.c file handles the Z0/Z1 command by calling 'insert_point'.
However, none of the target specific files 'linux-target-low.c' implement this
function. x86 and crisv32 has some code for this, but nothing in m68k which is used
as a base for some of the other uClinux implementations.
If anybody can throw some light on this, it would be much appreciated.


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Making further progress with the gdbserver for CR16 target, it seems that the
PTRACE_CONT is killing the debugee with SIGKILL,
"Child terminated with signal = 9"
The ATTACH and other ptrace calls seem to work OK. Our Kernel is 2.6.19 (uClinux)
I did read in some discussions lists, issues related to PTRACE_CONT, however
could not conclude much from it.
The PTRACE_CONT implementation in the kernel is very similar to other targets like SH.

Any inputs in this regard would be highly appreciated.


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